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Full Version: RDP not working
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Hello fellows.

I have Windows 10 computer in a lan, with Hyper V installed.
One of my virtual machines (Windows 10 machine on a Hyper V under Windows 10 SO) has the NO-IP DUC software installed.
Inside my network I can acess the virtual machine trough RDP if I use the IP but there is no response if I use the no-ip host. Pinging NO-IP host from inside the lan, works. Pinging NO-IP host from the internet, works fine.
But trying to access the VM using the name of the NO-IP host doesn't work at all!
I've set permissions in the VM to access Remote Connections.

Does anyone has an idea where the problem is?

In the same Hyper V I have a Windows Server 2016 with the NO-IP DUC software running 100% using RDP and the host name!!!

Any help will be appreciated!

Tks in advance
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