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Full Version: DediRDP - Regular, Premium & Encoder RDPs - SSD, 32GB RAM, 1 Gbps (NL)
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A warm hello to everybody!

About DediRDP:

This venture was formed with an aim to provide high quality and
affordable remote desktop and dedicated server solutions to everybody.
We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and recognize the role of
customers in a business. We promise you that you will have a joyous
journey with us.

What we offer:

We started out with offering Powerful Encoding RDPs which will meet all
your encoding requirements since we use a Intel® DUAL Xeon® E5620 (8
Cores/16 Threads) processor with 32 GB DDR3 RAM. Enough to meet all your
needs. These are the best servers in market today. 10 Gbps servers are
of no use since it would require multiple arrays of SSDs which are
insanely costly and seldom available in 1 TB range.

Post the success of our Encoding RDP range, we've now launched our
awesome range of Regular RDP. These are again the best ones available in
the market, perfect for normal usage. We offer Intel ® Xeon ® E3-1230
and 2 x Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2420 processor loaded servers which come
packed with powerful 120 GB SSD (Solid State Drive).

Why SSD for OS?

First of all, do not be fooled by just reading SSD RDP, no provider can
afford full SSD RDPs, they are way too costly. Not even full SAS RDP is
possible at the current price levels. We do not lie, we are honest in
telling you all that we use SSD for OS installation only. This ensures
that your Input/Output speed is awesome with very few hiccups.

Where is the server located?

RDP Servers are located at the LeaseWeb DC, Amsterdam.

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal, Payza, Webmoney, Skrill, Debit / Credit Cards, Indian Net Banking and Indian Bank Transfer.

Server Specifications:

Regular RDP:

Intel® Xeon® E3-1230 Processor


120 GB SSD for Operating System

Unmetered Bandwidth

Lots of Pre-Installed Applications

Windows Server 2008 R2

Full Duplex 1 Gbps Connection

Starting from 8.00 USD

Premium Regular RDP Configuration:

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2420

2 x 1.9 GHz, 12 Cores, 24 Threads

120 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for OS for better I/O performance

4 x 1 TB HDD, 32 GB DDR3 RAM


1 Gbps Port Speed with Unmetered Bandwidth

Windows 2008 R2

Prices starting from 12 USD / month

Premium Encoding RDP Configuration:

Intel® DUAL Xeon® Processor E5620


200GB Disk Space

1 Gbps Full Duplex Connection

Unmetered Bandwidth

Pre-Installed Applications

Windows Server 2008 R2

Prices starting from 20 USD / month

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Regular, Regular Premium and Encoding Plans:

Encoding is strictly not allowed in Regular & Regular Premium RDP, you will be banned and no refund will be provided if you are found violating this rule.

[Image: 9YHLARi.png]

[Image: VX2GPmS.png]

[Image: bzl8PIV.png]

Pre-Installed Apps:


Adobe Reader



Google Chrome


IDM (Internet Download Manager)



Mozilla Firefox

Notepad ++


Thumbnail me 3.0/2.1



and many...

Your favorite app not on the list? Just create a support ticket and we
will try to accomodate your app request and install it for you.

Any questions? Kindly create a support ticket with our sales and billing
team and we will happily answer your queries. Please allow up to 12
hours for your sales enquiries.

All demo accounts must be requested by creating a ticket with our sales
and billing team. Also, demo accounts will be valid for 2 hours only.

Banned Activities:

Child Porn

Public Torrent Trackers

Running Multiple Rar/Unrar processes

Sharing our IP publicly

Downloading / Uploading more than 3-4 files at a time

Portable Apps


What is the Setup Time?

Setup time can be anywhere between 0 - 10 hours for RDPs depending on the time you have purchased it.

[Image: 8r4olqg.png]

We do not provide any support on Instant Messengers or via PM. All support has to obtained over ticketing system only.

You can always email support[@]dedirdp.com for support related issues.

Support issues can be escalated if not resolved within 48 hours. We will look into them on priority.

Disclaimer: It is the duty of customers to read, understand and agree to
our ToS and other policies listed on the website. Ignorance of these
policies does not mean they do not apply to you. These policies will be
binding once a service is bought.

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