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Full Version: FriendlyRDP.com E3-1230/1240,Encoding,32GB,SSD,Server 2012, 1gbps From $7.99(NL,FR)
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! Welcome to FriendlyRDP !

[Image: 10VZkak.png]


New Encoding Server

Intel® Xeon® E3-1240 @ 3.20 GHZ
Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
1 Gbps Dedicated Port
Location: Paris, France (not ovh)

! Max 8 users per server !

[Image: M5fLa6D.jpg]

(¯`·._.· Overview server ·._.·´¯)

[Image: 9930912970387721.png]


Premium RDA Server Specifications

Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1230 (8M Cache, 3.20 GHz)

32 GB DDR3 ( EEC)
Hard disks RAID 0 SATA2 7200 rpm
Windows Server 2012 Datacenter (With start menu)
1 Gbps Connection Dedicated
Location Netherlands (Evoswitch)
Traffic Unlimited


Small RDA Server Specifications

Intel® Xeon® Processor X3440 (8M Cache, 2.53 GHz)

16 GB DDR3 ( EEC)
Hard disks RAID 0 SATA2 7200 rpm
Windows Server 2012 Datacenter (With start menu)
1 Gbps Connection Dedicated
Location Netherlands (Evoswitch)
Traffic Unlimited

RDA Plan (NL)

[Image: FmGxj7G.png]

Premium RDA Plan (NL)

[Image: GalmHLJ.png]

Encoding RDA Plan (FR)

(Max 8 users)

[Image: kE73R7m.png]




[Image: KiJpJWu.png]




[Image: k3vcmWX.png]

The rules are here to prevent abuse resource server. If you fail to comply with the rules will be restricted access


Payment methods

[Image: 88r2Dh0.png]

Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Hours

We never oversell server
- We use Windows Server 2012 Data Center operating system
- Our server are conscientiously configured for maximum performance
- Our number 1 advantage is friendly and fast support
- Competitive price without neglecting the quality of service
- 30 Hours money back guarantee

FREE Demo :
Make a request by MP or mail or livewebchat
(Limited Quantity)

Qualified Team and Fast Support

[Image: yTOuhrH.jpg]

Online Support

Clic for acces

Mail :

Support Ticket :

Review :

Smile honestly I have changed many rdp but this here is indescribable. pioneering what to. For speed, service, never eats crashes. most amazing is that I have met.,
and above all prompt service and very kind people with morals.
the score honors in ten thousand, keep so you're amazing.those who have not done here in the children lose. believe a trial will convince you that it is the best of all.
I recommend it with closed eyes.


cowboyup910;1832566 Wrote:Great service so far. Not over crowded. Customer service is very pleasant. Tickets are responded to appropriately. Someone is actually on their website for live chats.

Speeds are fast. RARS don't take forever. I'm very impressed! SupeR


[Image: capturezdw.png]


minhete;1938200 Wrote:i have placed an order!


[font=Verdana]Added after 17 Hours 10 minutes:

My first impression using this RDP:

-I placed the order after talking with the guy responsible here

-Got the RDP in less than 10 minutes!

-Also, while i was at the website doing the order i got instantly contacted by theyr support saying they were preparing everything, not a ROBOT! A real person!

-Winrar compression/decompression could be a little better but it is incredible fast, as they monitor if someone is abusing RDP slots or not! That is hard to come by these days!

-Download/UPLOAD speed is awsome! As i said, they dont tolerate abuses, which is good

-Ticket Support or Forum wj support is also good

So, from 1 to 5 stars and i have used more than 10 RDPs in the past for sure, i give this..


Totally recommend it!

Keep up this way!

P.S- Just wish you had 500-1TB RDP options with nicer prices


hmaida;1814236 Wrote:Very Good Service

good speed

and good support

i recommande for evryone



boula30;1792613 Wrote:I tried one that they sent me and I can very quickly I was amazed po.kala is awesome! and in speed and material means. too many thumbs up for the great support


NextLevel;1792821 Wrote:Thanks for sending me demo>

speed is great.


thachamp4eva;1793701 Wrote:just bought a server...looking good so far, also very good customer service so far.


shuliban;1797388 Wrote:I have a small budget plan and I'm very happy


nveselinov;1889145 Wrote:FriendlyRDP for me is the best RDP provider! I use Premium RDP plan.

: 9/10

Quality of service
: 10/10

: 10/10

: 10/10

: 10/10

: 9/10


Smile You're welcome Smile
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